Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Sweetness...

Mimi has got to be one of the sweetest and kindest baby GURLS on the planet. When God gave us our second child he could not have picked a more perfect fit.

So, to brag on her a little...

Shan and I talked to her about 2 weeks ago regarding her thumb sucking. We had a very grown-up talk with her about it because the Dentist encouraged it.

After explaining why she needed to stop and how it would make her have "buck" teeth (like her cousin Caleb...I had to throw that one in)...she said she would stop.

Hands down she did...that night.

I would go in and check on her at night to see is she was doing it and she would be a sleep on her back with her hands underneath her. This girl has so much determination and drive it is incredible.

I always refer to her as our "Perfect Child" and not that the others are any less but she tries so hard ALL the time. Her spirit is what keeps our family moving in the right direction sometimes. She loves, cares, desires to please and always is GREAT sister (well almost always...she is only 7).

Not to mention that she is beautiful like her mother and has MAD soccer SKILLS...Mia Hamm better look out.
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Another winning day for the Burch Clan...

So, I organized the first every UGLY Shirt Day at Avocent and guess who won?


You are looking at the UGLIEST Shirt to grace the doors of Avocent...or at least for this competition.

C'mon, do you see the shirt I have on? Who could beat that?

I am planning a UGLY Sock day in the next few weeks as well...may not win that one but I will try my hardest to.
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