Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend...yeah it's late...SO WHAT!?!?!

My parents came over to visit for the first time since we have moved into the "New" house. You know...the one we live in but have not bought yet...that one.

Had a great time and on Monday went to the Space & Rocket Center for the first time. It was very cool and while we were there we saw "Fly Me to the Moon". The kids really loved it because it was in 3D.

It was nice to have a break and spend some time with my wonderful kids, beautiful wife and amazing parents.

It's great to be blessed by God to have so many EXTRAODINARY people in my/our lives.

Enjoy the pics...


sweeter and the bubbas said...

GREAT updates...your friends down here appreciate them!! I'm glad things are perking up. Nothing like a new 'frig and a front load washer and dryer to do the trick. I'm jealous! :-) Please come visit soon!!

T. Brodie said...

By the way... in as many times as I have been to Huntsville, not once have I been to the S&R Center. Good for you all!