Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Sweetness...

Mimi has got to be one of the sweetest and kindest baby GURLS on the planet. When God gave us our second child he could not have picked a more perfect fit.

So, to brag on her a little...

Shan and I talked to her about 2 weeks ago regarding her thumb sucking. We had a very grown-up talk with her about it because the Dentist encouraged it.

After explaining why she needed to stop and how it would make her have "buck" teeth (like her cousin Caleb...I had to throw that one in)...she said she would stop.

Hands down she did...that night.

I would go in and check on her at night to see is she was doing it and she would be a sleep on her back with her hands underneath her. This girl has so much determination and drive it is incredible.

I always refer to her as our "Perfect Child" and not that the others are any less but she tries so hard ALL the time. Her spirit is what keeps our family moving in the right direction sometimes. She loves, cares, desires to please and always is GREAT sister (well almost always...she is only 7).

Not to mention that she is beautiful like her mother and has MAD soccer SKILLS...Mia Hamm better look out.
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Another winning day for the Burch Clan...

So, I organized the first every UGLY Shirt Day at Avocent and guess who won?


You are looking at the UGLIEST Shirt to grace the doors of Avocent...or at least for this competition.

C'mon, do you see the shirt I have on? Who could beat that?

I am planning a UGLY Sock day in the next few weeks as well...may not win that one but I will try my hardest to.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tiny funny...

She went to bed the other night and I went in to kiss her.  As I was leaving the room she said, "Daddy, be careful because Mommy is in a Big Move."

She lost me and I asked her what she said and again she said, "Mommy is in a Big Move."

Mary Frances then said, "Do you mean a Bad Mode?" and she said "Yes, that is what I said."

So, Big Move...Bad's all the same...I guess?

The Burch Sports Report…

MiMi…lost on Saturday but scored the teams only goal in a 2-1 loss.

Her goal was off a cross field pass…one touch and shot…and I mean shot.  That thing went to the back of the net like a PRO.  Everyone “WOE’d” and then cheered when it went in.

We have been working on this for a several weeks now and I think she finally understands the concept.  She played hard and good…she is going to be a very skilled player one day.

Tiny…her team one 28-0 and she scored 6 or 7 goals.  We actually lost count which is sad.  Her coach moved her and another little boy back to defense and told them they could not score anymore.

The funny thing is by putting them on defense they did not score anymore but the opposing team never had a chance to score either.

NealBoy…has started training for the Special Olympics.  He will be doing the 100m and Softball throw as well as Swimming.  And YES, of course he has a Speedo like Phelps (along with a swimmers cap and goggles)…I had a pic with him in his garb but got a new phone and lost it.  I will make sure to get one soon…real soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Frontporch view

View from our front porch here in Huntsville. The picture does not give it justice because you can see the Ridge/Mountain line GREAT and it is beautiful. If you click the thumbnail below it will enlarge but still is not as good as the real thing.

Also, to get an idea of our location/elevation you can see the Rocket at the Space & Rocket Center from here as well. It is only the top of it and you can see it really good at night but still...pretty cool. We are about 12-15 miles from the Space Center depending on the route you take.

I believe the Mountain we are located on is called Cap Shaw Mountain...but that is a straight up STEP OUT.

The weather as been AWESOME here as well the past week...low 70's to the mid 60's with a slight breeze.

More pictures to come when we finally buy the house...I do not want to jinx the process. It is still not our house yet so until then we will wait.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

For My Shan...

For My Baby Mama...

Since we have been in Hunstville things have been so up in the air it has been crazy. For the first 2 months we were nomads bouncing from place to place - week to week.

Once we finally decided on the home we are currently in and trying to purchase it made things a little easier...BUT we still had no Frig or Washer/Dryer. We eventually got a dorm size frig from my parents and that helped some but not having a Washer/Dryer with 3 kids in school was hard.

So a few weeks back I decided that my beautiful and loving wife deserved more...and so we went to SEARS and HOOKED her up. She asked how much ($$$) and I told her she did not have a limit. She has been so patient and kind thru all this I thought that was the least I could do for her.

Below is the Frig we had been using and the new one. The new one is a Whirlpool Gold series and has a cool feature...the ice is contained in the door. That way there is more room in the freezer...which is something we both liked.

This is the Washer/Dryer that she will do 18 towels or a King Size comforter. It is a GE and has some really neat features that she has already feel in love with. it's not the moon but My Ole' Lady deserved it. For her to pick up and leave 17 years of friends, church, etc...and never really complain...that is AWESOME.

I could never express the love I have for her in words but what I can do is make sure all her needs and wants are taken care of...and then some. ROCK more than HS3, The Jonas Brothers, David Cook, Bon Jovi & Chris Daughtry combined. (Yeah, sounds gay but she knows how much that is.)

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend...yeah it's late...SO WHAT!?!?!

My parents came over to visit for the first time since we have moved into the "New" house. You know...the one we live in but have not bought yet...that one.

Had a great time and on Monday went to the Space & Rocket Center for the first time. It was very cool and while we were there we saw "Fly Me to the Moon". The kids really loved it because it was in 3D.

It was nice to have a break and spend some time with my wonderful kids, beautiful wife and amazing parents.

It's great to be blessed by God to have so many EXTRAODINARY people in my/our lives.

Enjoy the pics...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So, Lilli came to me the other day we started ruff-housing and she said...

"You better watch it Daddy...I know Kung-Fu Panda...HIYAH!!!"

I had to stop and laugh and while I was laughing she gave me a swift kick to the grandkids (you know what I mean).

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FutBol II...

So, MiMi had her first team practice last night and it went well.

She is playing on an ALL girls team and they are pink and black. The name of the team is The Pink Bubble Gums...don't ask...the girls picked it and voted on it.

It was a good practice and there are two other girls on the team that are as good as MiMi or maybe even better. Although, they did do some running at the end and Mim's blew the doors off them all...EVERY TIME. So much so that Bam Pressnel was running with them and he said he actually found himself needing to speed up so she would not out run him.

Something funny...they just had enough girls to scrimmage so Lilli volunteered to play goalie against them. This girl is FEARLESS!!! She really did good...Ms. Kasey would be proud of her. They even asked if she could play on their team.

I was very proud of Mim's...she really if one of my children would not on the soccer field. What was I thinking?

I love my GURLS...they are AWESOME sisters to each other and even more AWESOME to their special brother. God always knows what he is doing...regardless of what we want or think. I could not have asked him myself for a more perfect family.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The girls start soccer this week…and I am so looking forward to it. We will have practice every night of the week except Wednesday…and games on Saturday.

Last night went well…Lilli rocked the field.

So much so that one boy yelled, “She scores all our goals…man she is good”. Another little boy said after practice, “Mommy, that little girl is better than all the boys”. At some point during practice a mother asked Shan how long Lilli had been playing soccer and she told her only one season…she was shocked at how good she was.

What can I say…it’s in their blood.

We did not catch the name of the team but our colors are Orange & Black…the only thing more AWESOME than that would have been Red & Black (if you don’t know us then you don’t know why).

Lilli was not able to get #1 so we had to take #2…which I guess is ok…we will make do I guess.

MiMi is lucky because Brandon “BAM BAM” Pressnel is one of her coaches…we will see how she stacks up with her team tonight.