Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FutBol II...

So, MiMi had her first team practice last night and it went well.

She is playing on an ALL girls team and they are pink and black. The name of the team is The Pink Bubble Gums...don't ask...the girls picked it and voted on it.

It was a good practice and there are two other girls on the team that are as good as MiMi or maybe even better. Although, they did do some running at the end and Mim's blew the doors off them all...EVERY TIME. So much so that Bam Pressnel was running with them and he said he actually found himself needing to speed up so she would not out run him.

Something funny...they just had enough girls to scrimmage so Lilli volunteered to play goalie against them. This girl is FEARLESS!!! She really did good...Ms. Kasey would be proud of her. They even asked if she could play on their team.

I was very proud of Mim's...she really if one of my children would not on the soccer field. What was I thinking?

I love my GURLS...they are AWESOME sisters to each other and even more AWESOME to their special brother. God always knows what he is doing...regardless of what we want or think. I could not have asked him myself for a more perfect family.


Louise said...

Your kids are great!

Leah said...

YAY for MF!! Great ending to the post sweet!