Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The girls start soccer this week…and I am so looking forward to it. We will have practice every night of the week except Wednesday…and games on Saturday.

Last night went well…Lilli rocked the field.

So much so that one boy yelled, “She scores all our goals…man she is good”. Another little boy said after practice, “Mommy, that little girl is better than all the boys”. At some point during practice a mother asked Shan how long Lilli had been playing soccer and she told her only one season…she was shocked at how good she was.

What can I say…it’s in their blood.

We did not catch the name of the team but our colors are Orange & Black…the only thing more AWESOME than that would have been Red & Black (if you don’t know us then you don’t know why).

Lilli was not able to get #1 so we had to take #2…which I guess is ok…we will make do I guess.

MiMi is lucky because Brandon “BAM BAM” Pressnel is one of her coaches…we will see how she stacks up with her team tonight.


Rebecca said...

I am sure your comment about the red and black was referring to Epsilon or Delta right? Just kidding!

Leah said...

I always knew Lilli would be giving all the boys a run for their money!!!

kellieja said...

nah, i think sonny was shooting for GA colors there. Adam is with you on that point.

I am sure the girls are cute out there on the field